Monday, December 7, 2009

Popping the Question: Feb. 12, 2009

Today was a very special day at Paraiso Maravilla, the wedding venue in Houston, TX where I service as venue manager (note: no longer working there but learned a lot). A gentleman came in last week to look at the venue and decided that he wanted to propose to his girlfriend at Paraiso. Of course I was happy to help so we spoke through out the week and finally put everything together. He came by late Wednesday afternoon before we closed up for the day and dropped of his props.

  • His laptop
  • A projector
  • A CD of their songs

He had pictures of the two of them together on his laptop and we displayed them onto the wall using the projector. We set up a table for wine glasses, some bubbly, and his special messages to her. It was so sweet.

He showed up this morning with his girlfriend and I took them on a tour of the building because they were looking for a spot for a friend's wedding reception. (Perfect set up) I disappeared to the office for a minute and told them to continue looking around and I'd catch up. They walked up stairs and I hit play on the CD player; as soon as she heard their song she knew something was up and froze on the balcony. I could hear him telling her "Come on, come on" was so cute. He walked her to the back room where we had everything set up and 45 mins. later they came from the back with celebratory smiles on their faces. Her ring was beautiful and she had tears in her eyes. They both gave me a huge hug and thanked me for all the help. I felt like I had earned my angel wings for the day. We took a picture together and as soon as I get it I'll post it for you.(note: never did get those pics) Just thought I'd that story with you.

I have a wedding on Friday so I'll have more for you soon.

Blissfully yours,

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