Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dine Around

Hello Everyone,

Trying to keep up with two blogs is a lot so I've decided to make Blissful Tales of Professional Socialites more about my personal encounters and stories about this wonderful journey.

As we have worked our way down the road of turning Professional Socialites into a household name we realized that people really look at us as "Professional" Socialites. Friends contact us to ask what's the best club on a certain night or have we heard anything about a certain restaurant. It's kinda a cool position. You see when we Megan and I started going out all the time while we were in college people didn't believe us when we said we had a plan for all this. Now looking back there are so many people that I could tell "I told you so". Ha ha.

In our article in Premier Bride Magazine we talked about ways to make the tradiational bridesmaid's luncheon creative by doing a dine around. Cool idea right? So I started thing about how I would do it for myself. The concept behind the dine around is that you meet at one restaurant for appetizers, a second for your entree, and a third for desert followed by drinks and dancing. There are so many great places in Houston so imagine this...

Galleria Area

Appetizers and Cocktails - Kona Grill

Entree - Maggino's Little Italy

Desert- Berripop

Dancing and Drinks - Belevedere

Check out our article "Don't Forget to Enjoy" in Premier Bride Greater Houston Magazine!!

Tell me what you think everyone!

Blissfully Yours,